AUSTRALIA’S most prominent Muslim scholar has denied he is teaching a PhD at a Queensland university.

Dr Abdus Salam has denied reports he was being paid to teach a university degree in the Islamic world.

Mr Salam, the founder of the Islamic University of Australia, was paid by the Queensland Government to conduct research in the field of Islamic studies.

He has previously denied teaching a degree, but his university website has a disclaimer that says he is not a doctor.

Dr Salam’s university website says he was paid to conduct a research project that involved “a broad range of Islamic fields and topics”.

It also says he did not teach a degree.

He told ABC Radio Queensland he did “a PhD in Islamic studies” for $US50,000.

But he did teach a PhD in economics at Griffith University, which was funded by the Federal Government.

“I did that in 2011,” he said.

“The $US500,000 was to do a doctoral project in economics.”

He said he did a PhD for the Queensland government.

“What I did was to look at what was going on in the economy and I thought it would be interesting to do some research,” he told ABC radio.

“In 2012 I was told by the federal government that they were interested in it, so I was asked to do that.”

They wanted to know about the economics of Islam, what is the value of the Quran, the Quran’s value.””

So I was a bit of a mystery figure to them, so they said that I was going to be paid $US300,000 to do this.

“But he said he was not paid for that, and did not receive any payment.”

So the $US100,000 is for the study of economics,” he explained.”

It was paid for through the federal and state governments.

“He has not commented on his PhD, and has told the ABC that he does not teach in any university.