The NFL is considering adding a $1,000 per player pay raise to its bowl game for teams that play in the Big Ten or Pac-12, the league announced Wednesday.

The change is part of a broader plan to expand the bowls, including one that would see the NFL increase bowl game revenue to $1.1 billion annually from the current $950 million.

The Big Ten has agreed to the increase, and the Pac-11 and Big 12 are expected to follow suit.

The league has not set a specific bowl-game payout for this season, but the league expects bowl games to average more than $200 million, with bowls expected to average $75 million.

The conference is also looking at expanding the bowls beyond the six currently in the league, to include a new one with more than 20 bowls, as well as a regional league for the South.

The increase to $500 per bowl player is a $25,000 increase from the previous $100,000.

The Pac-10 and Big Ten have already increased bowl payouts, while the ACC, ACC Atlantic and Big East have not yet done so.

The league said that a new bowl system would help ensure the game was played in the best of the best, which the Big 12 and Pac-8 are already working on.

The NFL has historically been a champion bowl-conference football league, with the Pac 10 and Pac 12 having won five bowls.

The new payout structure will be announced in the coming days.

The Big Ten and Pac 10 each made $1 million in bowl payoffs in 2014 and 2015, with $1 billion to be shared among the six conferences.

The ACC and ACC Atlantic are expected at least to double that.

The Pac-14 will get $250 million, the SEC will receive $175 million, and Florida State, Arizona and Arizona State each will each receive $150 million.