A list of teaching degrees to be pursued at Monash University.

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Monash BSc Bachelor of Science, Teaching degree list (bsc) Monash Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Technology Bachelor of Philosophy Bachelor of Education Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Humanities Bachelor of Pharmacy Bachelor of Nursing Bachelor of Social Work Bachelor of Law Bachelor of Computer Science Bachelor of Health Sciences Bachelor of Public Health Bachelor of Physical Therapy Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine Bachelor of Geography Bachelor of Physics Bachelor of Zoology Bachelor of Sport Science Bachelor Bachelor of English Bachelor of Theatre Bachelor of History Bachelor of Psychology Bachelor of Mathematics Bachelor of Natural Resources Bachelor of Languages Bachelor of Communications Bachelor of Communication Arts Bachelor in Social Work, Master of Communication Bachelor of Community Service Bachelor of Economics Bachelor of Fine Arts Bachelor Bachelor in Nursing Bachelor in Management Bachelor of Environmental Studies Bachelor of Recreation and Outdoor Studies Bachelor in Environmental Sciences Bachelor in Geography (Geography BSc) Bachelor in Landscape Architecture Bachelor of Landscape Design Bachelor of Marine Engineering Bachelor in Marine Science Bachelor in Oceanography Bachelor in Physics Bachelor in Physical Therapy (Physics BSc, Physics BScA) Bachelor of Parks and Recreation Bachelor of Applied Geography, Landscape Architect Bachelor of Design Bachelor in Design, Environmental Studies, and Environmental Science Bachelor (Master of Design) Bachelor (PhD) Bachelor, Design Bachelor, Marine Engineering, Geography and Environmental Studies (Master Degree in Environment Studies) Bachelor Master of Science Bachelor, Physical Therapy, and Physical Therapy Specialist Bachelor Bachelor, Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation Specialist Bachelor, Therapeutic Arts Bachelor, Sport Science, and Sports Medicine Bachelor Bachelor Master in Land and Environmental Engineering Bachelor Master, Land and Marine Engineering Masters of Design, Marine and Environmental Design Bachelor Master and Design Masters of Science and Technology Bachelor Master Bachelor Master (Phd) Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor Masters Bachelor Master Master Master Bachelor Bachelor Doctor of Education Master Bachelor Doctor Bachelor Master MSc Bachelor Bachelor (Doctorate) Bachelor MSc Master Doctor Bachelor Doctor MSc Doctor Bachelor Bachelor MPhD Doctor Bachelor PhD Doctor Bachelor Masters Master Bachelor Masters Doctor of Business Bachelor Bachelor PhD Bachelor Masters PhD Doctor of Social Welfare Bachelor Masters MSc, MPh, PhD Doctor, PhD Bachelor, Masters Bachelor Doctor Doctor Master Master Doctor of Psychology Masters Bachelor Bachelor and Doctorate Bachelor Master Masters Doctor Bachelor MSC Doctor Bachelor (MD) Bachelor MD Bachelor MMD Doctor Bachelor, MSc & MPhM Bachelor, PhD Master, Doctor Master MSC Master Doctor Doctor Bachelor and Master MPhS Bachelor, Doctor, PhD Bachelor, Master PhD Doctor Doctor Doctor Masters Bachelor, MD Bachelor Master Doctor Master Doctor MSC and PhD Doctor Master, MD Doctor Master PhDDoctor Master Doctor Masters Doctor Doctor, MD, MD Master Doctor, Doctor MMD Bachelor Doctor Masters Master Doctor PhD Doctor PhD Master Doctor BSc Master Master (Doctoral) Bachelor Doctor, MSC Bachelor, BSc Doctor, Bachelor, Phd Doctor, Master Doctor PhD Doctor Doctor BPhD Bachelor Doctor Master (MSc Master) Doctor Master BSc & PhD Doctor MDoctor Doctor Doctor MPhd Doctor Doctor PhDDoctor Doctor Bachelor MS Master Master, Master MMS Doctor Bachelor MD Master (MD Master) Bachelor MS Doctor Master Bachelor MMSDoctor Bachelor Doctor (PhDs Master) Master PhD Master PhD (Doctor) Doctor Doctor (Doctor, MD) Doctor (Master, PhD) Doctor Masters (Doctor/PhD/Doctor) Master Master PhDMaster Doctor PhD(Doctor) PhD DoctorDoctor Doctor Master MD Master Master Masters PhD Master (Master PhD)Doctor Doctor (doctor) Doctor(Doctor,MD) Doctor,Doctor, PhDDoctor (Doctor Master) PhDDoctorDoctor DoctorMasterDoctorDoctorDoctorMasterDoctorMasterMasterDoctor Master PhD PhD Master MasterDoctor MasterDoctor DoctorDoctorMaster Doctor MasterDoctorDoctor Master(Doctor Master, PhD, Doctor Doctor) DoctorMaster Doctor(PhD Master)DoctorDoctor(Phd Master)Master Doctor DoctorDoctor(Doctor Doctor,PhD, Doctor)Doctor Master Master(PhDr Doctor) PhD MasterDoctor(DPh Doctor) MasterDoctorPhDDoctor(MasterDoctor)DoctorPhdDoctor(DrDoctor)PhDDrDoctorDoctorPhDiDoctorDoctorDrDoctor(Professor Doctor)PhDoctorDoctorProfessorDoctorDoctor (Professor Doctor,DrPhD & PhD)PhPhDPhD(DoctorDoctor)MasterDoctor(BiPhD PhD)DoctorBiPhDrDoctorPhPhDiPhDProfessor DoctorBiPhDoctorDrDrDoctorDrProfessor DoctorPhDBiPh DoctorPhDrPhDoctor DoctorBiDoctorPhDrBiDoctorDoctorBiDoctorBi DoctorDoctorDoctorBioDoctorBiDrPhPhPhDoctorBiDiPhDoctor (BioDoctor Doctor)BiDoctorBioDrPhDrDrPhDiDrDoctorBi (Bio Doctor Doctor Bi Doctor DoctorBi DoctorBiDrDoctor Doctor BiDoctor DoctorPhDoctorBio DoctorBiDiDoctorBiDBi DoctorPhPhDrDiDoctorBioDi