The WSU faculty member who made a video on YouTube calling for a boycott of the university said she earned $140,000 in a year.

“The $140K I earn is the minimum salary,” wrote the instructor in the video, which has received more than 2.6 million views since its posting.

“I’ve never even been in a classroom in my life, and I’m not going to start now.

I am not trying to raise any flags, I’m just trying to get the word out there.

Don’t let WSU’s new administration make you feel bad about the school.

They have so many students, and we all have the same goal.

Let’s make sure everyone is treated fairly.”

A WSU spokesman declined to comment.

The WSU graduate said she’s a member of the Black Student Union and is involved in several other student-led campaigns, including a recent effort to end the school’s ban on Black students wearing hoodies during classes.

WSU President John Thrasher announced in December the school was going to end its policy barring students from wearing hoods and face coverings during class.