Christian teachers should not be allowed to teach in their schools or colleges because of their faith, a New York City-based church group said Wednesday.

Christians and other religious believers must first receive a “Christian teaching degree,” or CTD, from an accredited school, such as a college or university, and be trained in the tenets of the Christian faith, the Institute for Education Policy & Research (IERP) said in a statement.

If a teacher fails to follow these requirements, they can be removed from the profession.

The CTD was created to ensure that all Christian teachers receive a high degree of education, and not just those who are trained to teach.

But, it has been controversial, with some states restricting the CTD for certain professions, such like teaching.

A recent Pew Research Center poll found that nearly a third of American adults (32%) support allowing teachers to opt out of the CTP, including 41% of white evangelical Protestants, 38% of mainline Protestants and 40% of Catholics.