More than one in five jobs in the United Kingdom are in teaching, according to a survey of 2,000 teaching staff by the London School of Economics.

The survey found that half of the teachers who responded said they had been teaching for at least three years.

Of those surveyed, 40 per cent were women, compared with 19 per cent of those who answered in the previous survey.

Among the top 10 occupations, the survey found, teaching was the most popular.

Among occupations with the lowest proportion of women, the largest percentage of female teachers were in nursing, teaching, education, legal and business administration.

Education is the top profession in the UK with over one in three teaching staff in a degree, the study found.

But it is the most common job, with almost one in six teaching staff employed.

The study found that the proportion of teaching staff who had taken a training course in the past year was low, with fewer than 10 per cent taking a certificate.

Among people who said they were considering teaching, a large majority said they preferred to teach for short-term contracts.

The findings are based on data from the Teaching Professionals Survey.