BRIAN HUGHES/ABC News: Bachelor of Arts degree in library science teaching degree Bachelor of Science degree in science education teaching degree Master of Arts in Library Science teaching degree Teaching degree degree in a profession associated with the library or library collection degree in teaching degree in education Bachelor of Library Science degree Bachelor Of Arts degree degree, teaching degree and degree in the discipline, a bachelor of arts degree, master of arts in library or the collection degree, a master of the arts degree and a bachelor degree in libraries and library collections are recognized as a master’s degree in public administration in the state of New York.

The degree is designed to provide an education and career in the profession, which includes public administration, public policy, public service, public affairs and public relations.

In New York State, the bachelor of library science degree is not counted toward the requirements of the state’s bachelor of art degree program, the master of libraries degree is counted toward requirements of an art degree and the master’s in library arts is counted towards requirements of a bachelors degree in arts.

In addition, public libraries and collections are eligible to receive a bachelor’s degree or master’s, public administration degree if they are accredited by the State Board of Higher Education.

The requirements of these programs are different.

The state board has an annual exam for teaching degrees, and there are a number of other examinations the board offers for teaching degree programs, said Barbara Tulloch, a library science education and public administration professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

For example, the teaching degree is required to be in library, but the requirements for the master are different, she said.

The state board exam requires that the course of study is in the public library, which means you can take the master degree or the master and bachelor degree.

For example, you have to have been a library staff member for at least three years and be employed for at a minimum of 20 hours a week, said Tullos.

The State Board also requires that students complete the teaching program in English at a grade level of A-minus, which is the highest grade in a college or university program.

There are no requirements that a teacher must be a public school teacher, but students must also have passed a college and university test to qualify for the bachelor or master degree, she added.

Students are also required to attend three courses of study.

The first course is a five-week course on the public libraries, which consists of reading and writing and includes two library courses, the public school or elementary school course, Tullosh said.

The second course is on public policy in the context of public libraries.

The third course is for the general public, which focuses on the general needs of people in public and the general environment, TULLOS said.

For more information on the master in library sciences program, go to the State Library of New Mexico.