Posted July 14, 2018 05:06:08A teacher who is seeking a teaching degree at the university says she is not the only one struggling with the decision to leave her job after taking the same job with another university.

Nathalie Deutsch says she decided to leave after working as a senior adviser at the Utah Valley University’s College of Education for five years.

“When I took this job at UTVU, I really felt like I was doing something for myself,” she said.

“I really wanted to see how it would work and really wanted something to help me to be successful.”

Deutsch says her dream job is working as an educator.

She has taken a course on preschool, but says she would like to work in the classroom.

“In the classroom, I’m really interested in teaching because I want to learn and teach,” she explained.

“There are many things I would love to do with my career, but right now I’m just really looking for a position.”

She’s hoping to take a job in the education field in Utah in the coming months, but she needs a teaching assistant position.

She says she needs to take classes at the UTVUs new school.

“At the moment, I feel like I need to take that on and I really need to see what’s going to happen in the fall,” Deutsch said.

Deutsch said she would love for her dream career to be as a preschool teacher.

“The opportunity to work with kids and have a better relationship with them is just something that I’m very passionate about,” she added.

“It’s a big, huge opportunity to help kids and hopefully we can do it in a way that makes it easy for everyone.”

Deutch’s mother, Jennifer Deutch, says her daughter has been working for UTVUS for years, and is passionate about the field.

“She really wants to do what she wants to be doing,” Jennifer Deutsch explained.

“She wants to teach, and that’s what she’s really passionate about.”

Deuelts mother Jennifer Deuthes said that after years of working as the school’s associate director for preschool, Deutsch decided to take the job as an associate director at UTVs new preschool.

“Her motivation is just so great, and her passion for preschool is just unbelievable,” Jennifer said.

She said that Deutsch has been on the job for two years, but is still very excited to continue working with the preschool program.

“Nathalia has always been passionate about this field,” she noted.

“So when she was ready to move forward, I think it was great.”

Deuthes says her mother has had to work hard to earn the money she needs for her daughter to continue taking the preschool class, but that she is excited for her to see the results of her hard work.

“They are going to have a great future with the school,” Jennifer added.

Deuels mother Jennifer said she has been waiting for the right moment to hire her daughter, but has now found it.

“You just have to be patient, you just have the right amount of patience, and it will be great,” she concluded.

Deuthers mother Jennifer says she has worked hard for years to make sure her daughter would be able to do the right thing and pursue a career in the field she loves.

“What she is trying to do right now is do something that’s really important for her, and hopefully the rest of her life she’ll be able do it,” she stated.