By Nima Khawaja Posted September 06, 2018 01:24:16A teacher at a Texas high school in the state’s Rio Grande Valley is now facing accusations of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct after she allegedly fired a student after he had sex with a classmate, CNN affiliate KVUE reported.

The incident happened about a month ago and was uncovered in a letter that the district sent to parents and students Thursday, the station said.

In the letter, the district said that on December 16, a female student told the teacher she was sexually harassed and groped by a student while on her way home from school.

The district says that the teacher allegedly asked the student, who is a junior at the high school, to stop because she was worried she might be disciplined by the school.KVUE also reported that the principal at the school said the teacher is suspended from the school pending an investigation.

Kirk Smith, a spokesman for the district, told CNN that the incident happened in September.

Smith said that he could not comment on any ongoing investigations, and that the school district has not seen the letter.

Kivu Saldivar, a parent of one of the students who was sexually assaulted, told KVNE she was deeply saddened by the accusations against the teacher.

“I feel so sad, because we have a great teacher who is amazing,” she said.

“This is something that’s going on in our community.

It’s something that has to stop.”

Saldivart said that her child, who has Down syndrome, is struggling with autism and anxiety.