Posted March 03, 2018 04:24:56 With the NCAA’s new rules for college basketball, a lot of coaches are having to look at the long-term value of their teaching and the pay they can expect to earn.

But some experts are predicting a new round of college education may come sooner than expected.

The NCAA is looking at new rules to change the way college and university schools are paid.

Some are predicting the new rule will take effect in the 2018-19 academic year, but others say it won’t be until 2022.

A new rule to change how colleges and universities are paid will come in the next year, the NCAA says.

The new rule would be designed to change a system in which coaches can earn more than $100,000 a year by being paid to teach courses.

“The new rules will not apply to players, coaches, or anyone in the NCAA organization,” the NCAA said in a statement to ESPN.

“The rule will apply to all college and universities, regardless of their affiliation or affiliation status.

College athletes will continue to be compensated at the same level as other members of the NCAA family, with the same minimum wage and benefits.

College students will be paid the same as any other student-athlete.”

The NCAA says it will not be a new rule but instead a reworking of existing rules.

It will allow coaches to earn more money if they have “at least 30 years of experience as a college coach, including teaching,” the league said.

The NCAA said the new rules would not change how college and college athletics programs are run, but it does allow universities to create new types of programs, like teaching, to attract more students.

Under the current system, coaches can make up to $25,000 per year, with a bonus for each additional class taught.

In order to get paid more, they must also be “a leader in a program that is a leader in the field, is a quality teacher and contributes to the overall quality of the education.”

The new rules are designed to allow colleges and university boards of trustees to “develop programs that are aligned with the best academic standards, are aligned to the needs of the student-body, and that attract the most talented students.”

The rules, however, are not expected to affect the number of programs and coaches that the NCAA has on its books.

The rule will be put in place by 2021 and will be implemented by 2021, the NBA’s Board of Governors said in its 2017-18 academic year financial report.

This is the second rule change in as many years.

Last year, NCAA President Mark Emmert said the NCAA was changing its rules on pay and benefits to allow for more diversity in the college sports industry.

This year, Emmers comments came after a year of public backlash over the new pay rules, which some college presidents say have unfairly discriminated against African-American and other minority coaches.