Cost of a full-time LSU degree has risen by $1.50 to $1.,600, according to a new survey by the LSA.

The survey found that only 30 per cent of graduates from the LSU have found employment.

A total of 7.5 per cent have not been hired yet.

The study also found that the cost of the degree is rising every year, but the average cost is still less than half of the national average.

The average cost of one year of teaching was $9,000 in 2016, the survey found.

However, the average costs have gone up every year for the past seven years.

The LSA said the survey was conducted after a LSA audit revealed that the organisation had not disclosed the costs of all its teaching programs.

In the survey, it was found that students had to pay $8,000 for tuition and $10,000 to pay for books and materials.

However students who have enrolled are paying $4,800 for textbooks and $3,200 for books, it added.

The government is currently conducting a review of the education sector to determine how best to improve outcomes for students.

The Government is expected to release its report by early 2018.

The University of Technology Sydney and the Australian National University are among the institutions that have announced they are closing their programs.

Students are also protesting at the LSE’s new teaching facility in London.

The UK’s Government has announced plans to shut the LSOs teaching facility and close all its programs.

The country’s largest university has also warned it may close more than 20 other institutions over the next two years.