The Psi U8, a four-year, 10,000-student program in Australia, is open to students from across the country, with a selection of 20 candidates being invited for the upcoming summer.

The program is sponsored by a network of universities across the nation, including the University of Queensland, University of New South Wales, University, University West of Australia, University College Sydney, University and Sydney University.

In a bid to foster a more global approach to education, the program will open to all Australian students, regardless of their country of birth, nationality, or race.

The Psi UP8 is one of three Australian programs, alongside the Psis 8 and the Psu 8, to be launched this year, in a bid by the Australian government to create a globally competitive and global education system.

The announcement comes as the Psis program has come under fire from some critics, with some claiming the program’s curriculum and teaching methodology are too narrow.

The Australian government has since launched a consultation into whether or not the program should be expanded.

It is currently unclear whether the program would be considered for expansion, and whether any changes would be made to the Psox program in the interim.

According to the Australian Government, there are currently a total of about 8,500 students in Australia studying for a bachelor of science in psychology or psychiatry.

The Psus program will allow the government to attract more students to the program, while also expanding the number of psychology and psychiatry PhDs it offers.

In addition, the Psys will be the first program to offer students a PhD in neuroscience.

The program will include a bachelor’s degree in psychology from a leading university in Australia.

The government has also stated that the Psocs program will provide students with the opportunity to apply for up to four years of graduate training at a highly competitive university.

The Australian Psychological Society, a leading academic association, has expressed concern about the program and said the Psci program should not be extended beyond four years.

The APSS said the program is the “most successful” in Australia and the program has the most students from outside Australia enrolled in psychology in its history.

The APSS also said it had not been contacted by any of the schools or universities in Australia that the program could be extended to.