A former pastor at a California church has been charged with attempting to murder a former congregation member after he allegedly stabbed him at a church meeting in March, police said.

Joshua L. Davis, 45, was charged Tuesday with two counts of attempted murder for allegedly stabbing Daniel W. Jones, 51, at the Pacific Coast Christian Fellowship church in San Jose on March 19, according to Santa Clara County Superior Court records.

The two other charges are related to an incident in April when Davis allegedly stabbed Jones in the shoulder after he confronted Davis in a parking lot, according the records.

According to the documents, Jones was attending a prayer service when Davis and another man left the church.

He was later spotted by the pastor in the parking lot and was told he had to leave, according with the records, which were obtained by Vice News.

The pastor told Jones he was trespassing on church property, and he told the man he needed to leave immediately.

Davis told police he grabbed a knife and tried to attack Jones, according, according.

Jones grabbed a pocket knife, stabbed Davis several times in the arm, and Jones fled the church, according and records.

The stabbing took place at the beginning of the service, according documents.

The attack occurred about 45 minutes after the prayer service, and when police arrived, Jones told them he had been stabbed, according records.

Davis’ attorney said that when he was arrested, he was released after being told he was not under arrest for attempted murder, but was under a charge of assault on a public servant, according according to the records released Tuesday.

The charges carry a mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison, according The Daily Beast.

Police said the investigation into the stabbing is ongoing.

The San Jose Police Department declined to comment on the charges.