Teachers earn £14,000 a year, but many don’t even get a decent salary.

This article tells the story of two young teachers who decided to take a pay cut to start their own businesses to help pay for their education.

The story is told in two parts.

Part One: How did you get started?

Part Two: How can you save money to go on to university?

In part one of the interview, we asked these two young and ambitious teachers, Aimee and Ben, to share their story.

They explain what inspired them to quit their jobs as a primary school teacher, why they’re so passionate about learning, and how they’re making it.

They also talk about the many ways that the classroom has changed since their early days in primary schools.

The interview was conducted by BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, with Aimees’ full name and voice recorded.

Aimeez, A. (2014).

Why do I do this?

Aimeed is a former primary school maths teacher in Leeds who quit her job in 2012 and started her own business in order to help her family pay for the cost of her degree.

Her company is called The Job Master.

In Part Two, we hear from her parents, how she made it, and what she’s learnt about entrepreneurship and raising funds from investors.

We also hear from how she is now a father, and the impact of her decision on her daughter.

The video includes audio commentary by Aimeen and Ben.

“The most important thing I have learnt from my life is to make sure that the people I care about are able to make the best decisions for themselves.

If someone has a big idea, I want them to pursue it.

I want people to have opportunities that they feel passionate about, and that’s what I want for my daughter, and I want to make her a successful young person.

So if I’m going to give her an education, it’s important that I get her an educated choice in life.

It’s important to me that she’s given me the tools to succeed and be successful.

I’m not going to have to take her out of a position of responsibility just because I have a personal or professional reason for doing so.”

Aimeel, a.


What I learnt from working as a Primary School Teacher.

In part two of this interview, Aimes and Ben discuss what they learnt from the job, and their journey as entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-in-training.

Interviewer: Aimeem Aimeevis.

Producer: Anjali Chatterjee.